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Fleet management

Simple and effective

FORKID helps your business save money. We are proud to show some of the notable improvements FORKID has delivered for some of our customers.

Reduction of maintenance costs

6 Weeks

Return on investment


Improvement on productivity


Reduction of fleet size

Your forklifts

Reduce maintenance costs and introduce control over your fleet.

Your drivers

Bring back accountability and safety to your operators..

Your business

Gain full visibility over your business and construct business rules.

ForkID provided by Trifork is a fleet management solution providing Total Fleet Management for both daily operational adjustments and longer term decision making. ForkID fuels cost reduction, resource optimization, and operational transparency for handling material of all suppliers, models, and functional areas.

Our innovative solution running in operations of leading companies within logistics, industry production, and warehousing. ForkID has a track record of robustness in harsh environments and challenging conditions such as harbours, open industrial production, and logistic hubs.

FORKID allows fleet- and warehouse managers to gain full visibility of their business and construct business rules for their machines and operators.